We are all unique. And so are our homes.

For some, home is a private sanctuary. For others, it’s a social space. Each one of us enjoys home a little differently. 

HomeLife Company recognizes that whatever home may mean for you, it has an important place in your life. That is why we are inspired to help you reinvent your living space so that everyone can feel at home again. 

HomeLife Company believes that home furnishing should look good, last long, and be affordable for everyone. We are dedicated to creating furniture that you want and will love for years to come. From comforting and cooling memory foam mattresses to stylish and sturdy platform beds, sofas, and furniture, there is a HomeLife Company product to inspire every lifestyle.

A HomeLife Experience

Our furniture is more than just stylish. You can rest easy, knowing that HomeLife Company ensures quality at every step. From premium materials and expert craftsmanship, to precision tools and tests, we make sure our product is made to last. 

Beyond well-designed furniture, HomeLife Company delivers a promise that life is easier with us. From a seamless shopping and delivery experience, to extensive after-care support, we put our HomeLife Company family in good hands.


The Best For You and Our Planet

At HomeLife Company, we are optimists, constantly looking for better ways to do things. Sometimes we succeed on our first try, other times we learn. But always, we are on the lookout for the best that our customers deserve.
 And we don’t stop there. We actively help our planet that we call home too. All our raw materials are sustainably sourced from around the world.

HomeLife Company is excited to be one of the fastest-growing furniture retailers in the United States. And we are only getting started.

With HomeLife Company, you can finally make your living space feel like home again.


HomeLife Company 

Address: 39 Meade Street
Trenton, NJ, United States 08638

Email: info@homelifecompany.com

Phone: 1-833-502-2500


HomeLife Company began in 2000, with a mission to reinvent the living space with furniture that looks good, lasts long, and is competitively priced. 

Today, HomeLife Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of affordable, quality furniture in the United States. Headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, HomeLife Company produces our own furniture, including mattresses, platform beds, sofas, tables, and more, to retailers and the furniture industry. 


Great Design and Quality

HomeLife Company’s products are more than just good looking. We manufacture furniture with great aesthetics and competitive pricing, without compromising on our quality. 

HomeLife Company stands for craftsmanship, detail, and exceptional materials. Our designs feature a mix of styles that have inspired us: from mid-century modern to contemporary designs. We handpick only the best experts from around the world to sustainably create our quality products.

HomeLife Company houses two distinct brands, carefully selected to provide our customers with impeccable designer furniture.

HomeLife: Offers good quality and affordably priced home furnishing and accessories.

Oliver Smith:  Offers high-quality, premium home furnishing and accessories.


Our Global Supply Chain

At HomeLife Company, we are involved in every step of the way, from designing our own products to producing them, so that we can make sure that our products are a perfect fit. We even personally deliver and assemble the final pieces at our customers’ homes in selected cities.

Our furniture is manufactured around the world, including in Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Once ready, our products arrive at our New Jersey warehouse facility, ready to be delivered.

HomeLife Company has a dedicated logistics and sales team managing delivery, distribution, and marketing of our products to reach out to all segments of customers.


Our Wholesale Businesses

HomeLife Company is involved in wholesale production for business customers. We supply and deliver quality furniture to retailers who sell both online and in physical stores. We also produce private label manufacturing of our products, for retailers to sell under their own brand name. 

Under the leadership of the company’s founder Aamir Shakir, our company has grown to be a favorite with retailers.

HomeLife Company provides dropshipping, less than load (LTL), and container-direct shipping to our business customers throughout the United States.

Plans are underway for HomeLife Company’s expansion across the United States as the company strives to make great quality designs a reality for every home.

Our Brands 

HomeLife Company is a leading furniture store in the USA. We house two distinct labels, carefully selected to provide our customers with impeccable designer furniture, home products, and more: 

HomeLife: For high-quality and affordable home furnishing and accessories 

Oliver Smith:  For premium quality home furnishing and accessories