About Us

We are all unique. And so are our homes.

For more than 20 years, families all around New Jersey have cherished the HomeLife Company. It's easy to understand why we are one of the best-selling sofa sellers in NJ. Our premium class quality, luxurious sofas, material, artisan craft & design, and affordability are what make us stand out from the crowd. 

A HomeLife Experience

In order to redesign the living space with furniture that looks modern, is durable, and is fairly priced, we developed furniture over the years that is comfortable yet blends well with your room. We now have a family of clients that entrust us with the care of their needs. Families and friends appreciate how durable our exquisite pieces are. 

We are now largely viewed as the industry's sofa trendsetter. Being a market leader, providing a wide selection of kitchens, outdoor, and living room sofa sets we make sure we give comfort & affordability along. 

HomeLife continues to place a high priority on its huge base of devoted consumers, as evidenced by the committed after-sales service it provides to all of its retail and corporate clients, assuring customer satisfaction at all levels even years after purchase. 

Great Design and Quality

At HomeLife we believe Quality is never by chance. It is always the outcome of deliberate effort and constant devotion. We devote the majority of our time and effort to making high-quality sofa set designs that go well with the overall aesthetics of your room. Obsessive thought goes into every little aspect, from material to design and overall look & comfort.