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The body is not stiff; the mind is stiff and a stiff mind won’t let you sleep soundly. To have a peaceful slumber, you need to have a relaxed mind and body. Yoga is possibly the most wholesome practice for mental as well as physical relaxation. Stretch your body a little and you’re ready to hit the sack. Here are 10 pre-bedtime stretches or yoga poses for you. 


The untimely, unexpected thoughts can naturally trigger the stress response. Possibly you might not be able to get over the stress anytime soon. Consequently, you will struggle to have a peaceful slumber. The glad news is that yoga is the handiest method to gear your stress responses. 

People ask: why yoga? In short, yoga is the best thing you can do to yourself. The benefits of yoga are limitless but above all, yoga is best for destressing. A 10-minute yoga sequence before bedtime will help you destress your body, declutter your mind, regulate blood flow through the body, improve mood, and relax muscles. A routine of a short yoga practice is effective in fighting the symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, fatigue, anger, and related complications. It is observed that people who routinely practice yoga stay happier than those who don’t. 

We hope that you must be already convinced to begin pre-bedtime yoga. Here are 10 yoga postures to help you destress and sleep like a log. 



As evident by the name, a supported child’s pose will make you relax like an infant. This pose is for full-body relaxation since it stretches the backbone to the tailbone and soothes the nervous system around the body. The posture feels like a warm hug. Sit on a pillow and put your thighs on either side of it. Now bend down and put your head to rest on the side. Breathe in and out for 7minutes to let go of the burdens. 


It is for sure that this pose will make you as happy as a baby. The happy baby pose helps to relax your lower body, spine, and arms as well. To attain this pose, you need to lie on your back and lift your legs. Now bend your knees to grab the toes of each foot. Stay in position. You will feel comfortable running through your body as you stretch. The 4-minute practice of this pose every night is ideal for sound sleep. 


Twisted roots are yet another soothing yoga pose. The pose leaves you feeling light as it relieves every ache and pain in the body. Additionally, it is an easy yoga pose so it is ideal for beginners as well. All you have to do is lie straight on the bed. Now fold your legs in a way that the knee is pointing towards the ceiling. Gradually move your legs to either side. 


The waterfall is a simple and most relaxing yoga pose for beginners. It is a great pose to begin your yoga practice. All you need to do is lie straight on the bed and elevate your legs to a 90-degrees angle. This fun pose will relax you to the core and help you get rid of the bodily pains. 



It is an easy yoga pose. You have to lie on your bed with your legs slightly open. Then you have to focus on your breathing sequence until you fall asleep. Though extremely simple, the breathing sequence will help you silence the noise in your mind and help you sleep soundly. 



This pose mainly targets the upper body. Sit on the mat with criss crossed legs. Now bend to the right side while firmly holding a left hand to the floor. Then do the same for the opposite side. Repeat the sequence thrice while focusing on your breath. This pose is highly effective in strengthening the groin, legs, and shoulders. This pose also helps to relieve the strained ligaments, muscles, or tendons. 


If you like to stretch your body a lot, sleeping swan is the ideal pose for you. Although the pose is tricky for beginners, a little practice will help you get comfortable. Sleeping swan is the best way to destress muscles around the body. You have to lie on your stomach, then bend one knee underneath. Keep the other leg straight. Now gather your hands and stretch them outwards as well. You will feel the rush of relaxation throughout your body. 



Forward fold is the basic yoga pose we all know since childhood. It is one of the yoga poses for beginners. The benefits of forwarding fold pose are countless. It stretches the stress out of your body through your tailbone and strengthens the spine. This pose is also known to improve posture and body aches. The simple procedure only includes stiffening your legs and bending forward to touch the floor. Maintaining the pose for a couple of minutes has wondrous impacts on the body and mind. 



Another yoga pose that we know since childhood, the bridge. It might seem easy, but when you try to achieve it, it might not be easy. To form the bridge, you have to keep your upper body to the floor and keep your legs folded at a 90-degree angle. Now lift your hips and lower back in the air while firmly holding your body in place. Try to maintain the posture for a couple of minutes before releasing it. Then repeat. 



Legs on a chair is a simpler version of the waterfall pose for those who suffer from back or leg complications. It is one of the best yoga poses for back pain. Routinely practice of this pose will gradually ease your lower back and leg pains. All you need to do is, lie straight on the floor. Now elevate your lower legs on a chair so that your thighs are elevated at a 90-degree angle. Your lower legs should rest at a 180-degrees angle. Depending on the complications, pillows are used for additional support as well. 

The benefits of yoga are acknowledged worldwide. The above mentioned 10 pre-bedtime stretches and yoga poses are great to boost health and mood. Yoga means “union” It will help you pull yourself together after a tiring day. Yoga not only helps to relieve your bodily stresses, but it also helps to strengthen your abdomen, pelvis, spine, chest, and arms. Additionally, it also regulates and strengthens the nervous and digestive system. So flush away the negative energies before sleeping and become a yogi!