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Javier Diaz |

Seasonal flu is in the air and we can’t help but feel miserable. The downpour from nostrils or the cramming in the chest, every symptom will make you feeble. But the worst part is that the flu will keep you from attaining a zizz. Because nights become nightmares as the flu worsens at night. Although flu lasts from 4-7 days, the span feels like an eternity. Must be wondering how to sleep better with the flu, here are some tricks to help you in combating the flu. 



Most people tend to elevate their heads while sleeping with flu. They think that doing so would ease their nasal congestion. However, the truth is contrary. Stacking a lot of pillows won’t speed up the flu recovery, instead, it would build pressure on the chest and halt smooth breathing. Additionally, it might put a strain on the backbone as well. To maintain a peaceful sleep with flu, try to adjust your sleeping position. Try to sleep on your side. If you have a blockage in one nostril, turn to the other side. 



The key to speedy flu recovery is resting well. When the flu hits, the body demands more rest to recover from the ailment. But the worst characteristic of the flu is that it makes you feel agitated. Flu victims commonly report persistent headaches, sensitivity to light, and noise. Consequently, they feel unable to rest peacefully. To speed up your recovery, cut off the distractions from your surroundings. Switch off bright lights and TV. Tune in some soft music, light a soothing aroma candle, and slide in your bed with a cup of warm tea. 



A recent study from Cardiff University has proven that warm beverages effectively soothe the symptoms of flu and the common cold. If you’re feeling down with flu, grab a cup of warm spiced tea, milk, or honey water. Then slide in the plush blankets and sip on the beverage. It will ease the stressed nerves, soothe tiredness, and prepare you for a sound sleep by reducing the symptoms of flu. These are the most handy, affordable, harmless, and effective flu remedies. GIVE IT A TRY!



Flu worsens the mood and makes us anxious. The anxiety followed by flu is due to the halted respiration. When enough oxygen is not supplied to the brain, it activates the stress response. Consequently, you feel anxious. De-stressing is the first step to recovery. Therefore, you need to let go of the clutter in your mind and breathe. Try breathing yoga sequences to help you relax. 



Taking steam and gargling is one of the most effective, old-school flu remedies. Gargling with salt water or spraying saltwater in the nostrils is equally effective in opening the airways. Doing this process before bedtime will help you maintain a sound sleep at night. 


Since the flu weather is approaching, it’s time to get your hands on an air humidifier. Dry air is the pal of flu and the common cold. You can adjust the humidifier to alter the air as your preference. If you can’t readily get an air humidifier, you can also open the windows for a while to let fresh air in your home. Additionally, being mindful of the room temperature is also very important. If you’re ill, it doesn’t mean that you need to have very high temperatures. Adjust moderate, comfortable room temperature. It’ll help you sleep soundly. 

Combating flu and how to sleep better are the most common queries of the season. The afore-mentioned hacks are sure to help you have a sweet sleep despite the flu.