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All About Platform Beds

All About Platform Beds

Javier Diaz |

Ready to turn your bedroom into an inviting oasis? Making your bedroom comfortable and inviting is an important part of getting good sleep. Falling asleep on a quality mattress is an important aspect of getting a good night’s rest. And just as important is the support for your new mattress. You will want to make sure you have good support with a quality platform bed or bed frames.


Platform beds 

Platform beds are simple frames used to support your mattress. A platform bed is a bed type with a large, sturdy base designed to hold mattresses without the need for a box spring or other mattress foundation.


Types of Platform Beds: Platform beds come in a variety of make and style. They can be constructed out of metal, wood or plastic even.

  • Storage Platform Bed
  • Storage platform beds are popular because of their functionality. Storage platform beds usually have pull-out drawers under the bed that help you save space. 


  • High-Rise Platform Bed
  • High-rise platform beds are a bit higher up off the ground than usual. Because platform beds don’t require box springs, the mattresses usually sit at a lower level on many platform bed styles.


  • Low-Rise Platform Bed
  • This type of bed is quite low, around 3-5 inches off the ground.


  • Floating Platform Bed
  • Typically a floating platform bed has smaller legs that are placed further underneath the bed, which makes it seem like the bed is floating.


    Buying a Platform Bed

    Once you’ve decided to get a platform bed, you can easily find them in stores or online. Most platform beds are affordable. If you purchase your platform bed online, you can expect to spend around 1 to 2 hours assembling it when it’s delivered.

    Budget-wise, a platform bed can start from $100 to $400 for more affordable builts, and range between $500 and even more than $1000 for luxury models.

    If you are planning to get a mattress for your platform bed online, it’s a good idea to check with the mattress manufacturer if they also sell platform beds. That way, you’ll be able to get a bed that is specifically designed for your mattress. There are usually discounts too for buying a mattress and bed frame or foundation as a set. HomeLife Company offers quality platform beds and mattresses, loved by our customers across the country.