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Javier Diaz |

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of. We all have different sleeping habits. Mostly, we are so comfortable with our habits that it becomes impossible to imagine life otherwise. But some habits can silently cause damage to us. We have listed 5 things that you should avoid before sleeping.



Many people find it relaxing to sleep after a fresh shower. Although bedtime showers are soothing, sleeping with wet hair might give you nightmares. Well, not literally nightmares, but awful results for sure. Old tales suggest that one should never sleep with wet hair. The advice is indeed precious because sleeping with moist hair will cause a lot of damage to your locks. Since hair is the weakest while wet, constant friction while tossing and turning might cause horrible breakage. Additionally, the moist scalp might develop build-up after long contact with the pillow. This will consequently cause bacteria to settle down in your hair. Your guess is right! The bacterial growth can leave you struggling with acne as well. The cherry on top: you won’t be able to sleep peacefully because you will feel cold due to the dampness. Sadly there are too many drawbacks for not drying your locks properly!,with%20dry%20hair%20when%20possible.


Makeup will give you daydreams in the day and nightmares at night. Sleeping with makeup is one of the 5 things you should avoid before bedtime. Sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Makeup is magic for your skin but letting makeup sit in your skin through the night is not a good idea. But why? Well, because makeup is a foreign object for your skin. Your skin might act normally for some time, but at the end of the day, your skin needs to breathe. It is known that makeup sits on your skin and clogs your pores. If not properly wiped out, it will attract bacteria and cause breakouts. Makeup acne is relatively common. In some cases, it can even intensify. Additionally, if you don’t give your skin proper cleansing, it will age prematurely. Muster up the energy and clean your skin before dozing off. 



Sleeping in tight clothes is a bad idea and we have a couple of justifications. Firstly, tight clothes can be very disturbing. Since we are changing positions while sleeping, tight clothes can disturb the smooth changes in position. Secondly, tight clothes halt the blood flow through the body. So, you might end up with a headache, feeling dizzy or tired. After a tiring day, your skin needs some space to breathe. It is unfortunately not possible with tight clothing. Tight clothes also cause sweating and heat. Thus, make it harder to sleep. Due to these reasons, nightwear is always flowy and soft. 



Sleeping with an empty stomach is not recommended. Mainly because hunger pangs make you more alert. When the body needs something, it will warn you. So as long as your stomach is growling, you won’t be able to maintain a peaceful dose. Secondly, sleeping with an empty stomach is harmful because it might cause your blood pressure and sugar levels to drop. It's recommended to consume some low-calorie snacks before bed rather than sleeping with an empty stomach.


Fancy bras are attractive but when it comes to sleeping, comfort should be the priority. Bras give support to the breasts. While sleeping, the body demands ease. Bras compress the area surrounding breasts and halt smooth blood flow. It might cause pain, sensitivity, and even clots. Since the skin of the breast and groin is hypersensitive, underwire bras and underwear can damage the tissues. Moreover, moisture and sweat might facilitate bacterial and fungal infections too. So better be safe and wear something airy.